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Monday Fitness Superstar - Kyla Gagnon


If you're in on the up&up with fitness and blogs (or even Pinterest for that matter) then I'm sure you've seen the photo above at least once! I'm so excited today to share my interview with this amazing girl Kyla Gagnon!!! If any of you used to follow BodyRockTV you may remember her as one of the hosts a while back.

Well there's a lot more to this girl than many people know!! Kyla is an inspiring personal trainer and a true blue fitness superstar! I think you'll love that she's a down-to-earth homegirl and a big sweetheart!! So without further adieu ...


Kyla, when did you start working out and why?

I was a competitive figure skater up until I was 12, so athletics were always of interest to me... It wasn't  until I was about 15 living on a farm in the middle of what I thought to be NOWHERE lol ( looking back i was only 15 minutes from town and all my friends) I found and fell in love with BILLIE BLANKS TAE BO!!!

Remember Him???

My Mom and I would clear out the living room 3 times a week and rock a tae bo class together.... It was helpful that My mom really tried to lead a physically healthy lifestyle as well.

What does your current workout routine look like?

My current routine is extremely varied, and I love it !  Every morning Monday through Saturday I hit my 5 am cardio ( I alternate between 20 minute HIIT sprints and 45-60 minute hill walks or stationary bike)

I alternate between strength training with heavy weights and low to medium reps, focusing on my major muscle groups. On my other days I will run through a full body hiit workout anywhere from 10-40 minutes.

Sunday is either full rest day or just cardio.


What is YOUR biggest excuse when you don't feel like working out?

 My biggest excuse is usually that I need the sleep ( but at 5 am with only 1 hour before my first client, howmuch sleep can I really sneak in...?? and so UP I GET!!!

Who are your fitness inspirations and why? Name a person you've never met, and a person you know in real life.

I have fitness inspiration split into 2 categories, I hope thats ok....

( I have yet to meet these ladies)

PHYSICALLY, I aspire to have the tone and definition of Melissa Leigh Morrison ( now I tend to shy away from wanting to "look" like someone, but I LOVE her physique and wouldnt say no if i had the option to look similar lol)

In my other category of overall LIFESTYLE is Miss Amy Layne

 ( Inspiration I HAVE met)

Cheesy perhaps, but my clients inspire me everyday!

Have you ever encountered people that taunt you about eating healthy? If so, how do you handle those situations?

Encountered the haters??? HECK YES I HAVE!!! Its such a bummer to have people who you care about and you THINK care about you, give you the look or the comments on your 'boring' lifestyle or perhaps that you are 'no fun'.... These are usually people who have complained about their health or appearance, and have likely complimented me in the past.... and so I remember that.....I do NOT take it personally, it has nothing to do with me anyway...

I smile, and make a joke about actually thouroughly ENJOYING my food, and that it isn't a 'new thing' its just my life... just like THEIR lives are THEIRS......

and I kindly remind them that i am PLENTY of fun!!!! even if I am sober:)

What's one interesting thing most people don't know about you?

Hmmmmmm good one..... What secret do I want to divuldge??? I'm TERRRRRIBLE at math!!! I wanted to be an archietech when I was younger and had a stack about a foot high of draft papers with floor plans I had designed on them...... ( and then I learned about the math requirements....lol end of story)

What's something you would like everyone to know about you?

I'm a work in progress... I dont claim to know it all, nor do I want to know it all....I am on a constant self improvement journey much like You:)


What's your favorite healthy breakfast?

Hands down, no questions asked my Oatmeal Pancake topped with my Chocolate Mint Banana Whip!!!!!! mmmmmmmm

What is your one food weakness?

DQ BLIZZARD!!! filled to the BRIM with the filling...... Hot tin roof blizzard!!!! When I was competing this was my Sunday treat EVERY SUNDAY!!! even if it was 10 am , I had to get my blizzard in!!! It really has been a while since my last blizzard:(

What's your ultimate dream job & where do you see yourself in the future?

I live my ultimate dream job, seriously.... I know.... I know.... sounds so sapppy, but I do. If I had NOPOSSIBLE WAY to work as a trainer and I had to pick something else.... Id be a photographer for National Geographic:)

What advice would you give to a person who wants to make a healthy change to their life but is intimidated by the whole thing?

Start with a pen and paper.... start writing... words that inspire you, names, people etc. Write your goals in every detail.... Read this page every day and just begin with the first step......

Have a CLEAR understaning with YOURSELF what you want and why you want it. This is about YOU, you literally have ONE go of this world, so PLEASE make sure you feel the best you can both inside and out.


And that wraps it up! Check out her blog and her YouTube videos where she posts regularly and shares workout routines, recipes and more! Have a great Monday peeps!! Get inspired and get movin'!! ;-) xoxo - Jenaé

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    Monday Fitness Superstar - Kyla Gagnon - Home - Yoga Eat Run
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    Monday Fitness Superstar - Kyla Gagnon - Home - Yoga Eat Run

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