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Monday Fitness Superstar!!! - Alison Hager

I'm so excited to bring you today's Monday Fitness Superstar! Alison Hager is one of the most inspiring girls I know. Not only has she lost a total of 90lbs in her fitness journey, but she's also a spin instructor, she's been featured in Oxygen Magazine, and she's one of the most serious a**-kickers out there! Every day she brings her dedication and discipline to the table, and she does it humbly through her faith in God. I think through reading her blog and in this Q&A you'll find her perspective inspiring and motivating!

This is Alison 90lbs ago:

And this is her NOW! 


 Can you say DAAAAAANG GIRL!?!!! 

 So Alison, when did you start working out and why?

I had always worked out.  I took a weights class all though high school and played sports, I was just never the varsity player like several of my friends.  It wasn't till I became concious that I was over weight that I actually really tried to lose weight.  I jumped on the Atkins diet in high school, lost 40 lbs, but ended up gaining it all back.  When I decided to get serious though, I did it because I thought "I'll never get married if I'm fat and ugly".  However, I gained a whole new self respect and began doing it for my next Personal Best as I began to succeed at my weight loss.  I decided I wanted to be FIT!
What does your current workout routine look like?
The last couple of weeks in December I switched up my routines a lot.  Since I had gotten certified in spin, I had been doing lots of cardio.  I wanted to keep teaching and start training for a 1/2 marathon, AND lose my belly fat.  However, after speaking with a personal trainer, he adviced me to get back to weight training and ease off the cardio.  So currently, I'm lifting upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week.  I teach 3 spin classes a week, and if my work schedule allows, I attend 3-4 yoga classes a week.
What is YOUR biggest excuse when you don't feel like working out?
That I'm TOO tired.  But once I'm at the gym, the endorphins get to pumping and my energy is HIGH! haha
Who are your fitness inspirations and why? Name a person you've never met, and a person you know in real life.
Fitness inspirations.  I give all credit to God.  He created me as I am and I love who I am.  He is my biggest pusher because I want to honor Him in all that I do.  I know that by taking care of the body he has given me, I am honoring Him.  There was one moment while training for my 1st half marathon and I couldn't get past mile 6, I knelt to my knees and just cried.  I wanted to do it so badly and I heard Him say, "Do it for me and I'll give you the strength".  From then on no matter the workout, I push myself to the fullest knowing my strength only comes from Him.
Have you ever encountered people that taunt you about eating healthy or making fitness a priority? If so, how do you handle those situations?
HAHA! OF COURSE! I have people tell me I eat like a rabbit and an old lady.  That no body my age is supposed to eat raw veggies and fish.  I just laugh and don't say much.  It's my health and I'm not MAKING them eat it.  I never push my healthy choices on others.  They can come to me if they want to know more.  And for working out, tons of people say "How do you have time for ___________?"  My answer: MAKE TIME.  Yes I get up at 4:30 am to teach a 5:15am spin class.  If I watch TV, it's rare.  Moving is apart of my lifestyle now and sitting around till 1pm just isn't in me! I have a life to live and I'm not going to waste it on the couch!
What's one interesting thing most people don't know about you?
I have a tattoo on my foot that says "Redeemed".  It's a reminder that we all mess up and fall short, but because Christ died for me on the cross, I'm made clean.  Everytime I look at it, I know that I'm His.
What's your favorite healthy breakfast?
What is your one food weakness?
CARBS! I love love love breads, pastas, and chips!  I stay away because those go right to my belly!!
What's your ultimate dream job & where do you see yourself in the future?
I'd love to work with high school girls and teaching them how to be fit.  In junior high and high school ladies are fed lies from so many that they aren't good enough, pretty enough, thin enough... I want ladies to learn how to eat and train for THEIR bodies and not to a standard of how everyone should look or be.  I want them to know they are loved and have a purpose on this earth.  I want them to have the confidence to graduate and continue through life with a FIT mind, body, and soul.
And finally, what advice would you give to a person who wants to make a healthy change to their life but is intimidated by the whole thing?
DRINK WATER!  Stop with the sugary drinks and so called "diet" drinks.  Get a reuseable water bottle and take it everywhere with you... Meet your new best friend- The Water Bottle! :)

To stay in touch with her you can follow Alison on Twitter, and on her blog here! http://successinvariousforms.blogspot.com/ 

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